How do I upload my Proxmox VE subcription key to my Proxmox VE host?

After your purchase has been confirmed you will receive a welcome email including the subscription key as well as some instructions on how to activate your key.

  1. Login to the Proxmox online shop at and go to "Services"-"My Services"
  2. You will see a list with all your services, including the subscripton key (starting with "pve...")
  3. Login to your Proxmox VE host, click on your host, and go to the tab "Subscription" and to "Upload Subscription Key". Insert the key.

Your Proxmox VE host will then automatically validate the key via an online connection to - make sure your host has access to

Every subscription key is bound to the unique "Server ID" of your server and is regularly checked for validity. 
You can also trigger the check by clicking on "Check" on the Proxmox VE admin interface.

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